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Please allow me briefly present the activity of our company.

REGOLIT LTD. has been in operation since 1994, with its registered office in Nyíregyháza, as a family enterprise.

Our main activity is the production and export of canned vegetables. The various canning industry products are produced in different factories. Our products are well known in Russia, in Baltic countries, Belorussia, Kazahstan under the ZAFER abd ZAFER EXTRA brand names.

The volume of goods sold in this region shows growing tendency year by year, in the past year has exceed 15.000 tons, which was mainly made up of sweet corn, green peas and cucumber products.

Alongside with the mentioned products we are at the disposal of our customers with about 20 different products. Beyond the products shown in the proposal, we are also able to undertake supply of products to special requirements of the customer (flavour, packaging, brand).

Our products

212 ml Green peas tin

425 ml Green peas tin

720 ml Green peas jar

212 ml Sweet corn tin

425 ml Sweet corn tin

720 ml Gherkins 3/6 cm

720 ml Gherkins 6/9 cm

1700 ml Gherkins 9/12 cm

720 ml Marinated tomatoes

720 ml Tomatoes in own juice

720 ml Letcho natural

720 ml Apple paprika/pepper

720 ml Pritamin paprika/pepper

720 ml Pepperoni (sweet and/or hot)

720 ml Sour cherry pitted

720 ml Plum compote (whole)

720 ml Plum compote (half cutted)



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